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Electric Karts

Motor: Does not go out of tune like a petrol engine
Motor: Does not take time to rev up like a petrol engine, just instantaneous power
Competitive: Karts remain closely competitive due to efficiency of electric motor
Power: 8.5kw…More top speed than a 9hp Honda Kart
Acceleration: Faster than a twin engine Honda Kart
Speed: Although heavier due to four batteries, electric motor out performs a petrol engine
Operational Costs: Considerable reduction on running costs
Zero Emissions: No fumes or noise – great atmosphere
Chassis construction: Bespoke frame design for electrical components
Improved safety: Full Operator speed control and safety options
Low Noise Levels: Eases the bureaucratic burden for compliance
Locations: Easily integrated with other leisure activities
Performance & Reliability: No compromises on these issues- 1st class
Designed for Electrical Power: Increased Kart operational life
Microprocessor Technology: Fully programmable management system
Quality Components: Greater longevity of Kart frame and components
Rain on Track: No problem in wet or adverse conditions
Braking: Quick self adjusting hydraulic disc brake activated on rear axle
Steering: Precise steering operates slick tyres for maximum grip
Throttle: Throttle pedal controlled by electronic switch
Handling: Driver sits central in the Kart; great balance, cornering and stopping
Safety: Kart protected by wrap around bumper system to minimise accidents

Indoor Karting Tips

One of the main differences between indoor and outdoor Go karting is that you don’t have to battle against the weather. This generally makes Go karting indoors less tricky than outdoors but it’s still a case of practice makes perfect!

Most people want to hold the steering wheel in the wrong fashion, which will affect the handling of your Go-kart. It’s more beneficial to have your hands on the steering wheel in a quarter to 3 position throughout, unless you’re turning into or going round a corner. It’s tempting to hold the steering wheel tightly, but you should hold it as loosely as possible, so that it doesn’t affect the handling.

Braking can be a problem for beginners. As you turn into a corner, press the brake down firmly. You need to get the balance right though – if you press too firmly, you’ll spin; if you press to lightly, you’ll run wide. It will take lots of practice to get the balance right.

Using The Lines
Most beginners don’t use enough of the track, but if you want to have faster lap times, you will need to use more of the track. Turn in from the outside of the corner and move through to the inside. When you emerge from the corner, you should automatically move towards the outside.

Moving away from this line will slow down your lap times. Ideally, you want to take a line that will let you be on the throttle as early as possible – sometimes, this will be before you reach the apex of the corner. This involves braking earlier, and turning in later.

If you are about to be overtaken, stick to the inside line without slowing down. This will make it more difficult for the driver behind to come up behind you.

When you approach a slower driver in front of you, you need to close in down the straight, so that you can outbrake him. Once you get alongside, you need to let the other driver commit to braking first, so that you can brake a little later and use your greater speed to move past them.

If the driver in front takes a defensive line, you need to look for a line that will let you go faster down the next straight.

All of these manoeuvres need to be practiced a lot, as they require experience to successfully execute them in a race situation.

Adjusting Your Driving Style
This is one of the most difficult aspects of indoor Go karting. Leaning forward in your Gokart adjusts your body weight so that your front tyres have more grip, but your rear tyres have less grip. This causes your Go-kart to oversteer. To combat this, you can lean backwards to redistribute your body weight, which rebalances the Go-kart.

Likewise, when your Go kart is suffering from under steer, lean forwards to rebalance. It is a fine line between oversteer and under steer, so you will need to experiment to get the right balance.

All of these manoeuvres require you to practice to get them right during races, but once you’ve got the hang of them, you should have an advantage over your fellow drivers.

Corporate Go karting is a great way to get to know your colleagues better (including those who don’t even work in your department) and boost team morale in the process! Most people shy away from spending time with their workmates outside of the workplace, but booking a corporate Go-karting session is a great opportunity for a work outing without too much face-to-face contact! It’s also a great way to entertain corporate clients, and offer them a different experience that other companies might not have even considered.

outdoor go karting tips

Outdoor Go karting can be lots of fun, but you need to be prepared for the British weather! All-weather clothes are a must for outdoor Go karting in the UK.

An all-weather outfit simply means something that can protect you against the elements (namely rain, sleet, snow and hail) while you’re Go-Karting. A waterproof set of overalls is a good idea, and they aren’t too expensive.

Anybody who wants to get involved in Go karting on a regular basis in the UK will probably find waterproof overalls invaluable. Even for one-off or occasional sessions, they will still come in handy, especially given the unpredictable British weather.

Bad Weather
The major difference between indoor and outdoor Gokarting is handling the weather. Go karting in bad weather is the ultimate test in how to handle a Go-kart. Any handling problems that you’re struggling with are more obvious in wet weather, so it can actually work in your favour, as it can help you to iron out your weaknesses.

Another advantage of driving in the wet is that your fellow Go karters will probably have no idea of how to handle their braking and general manoeuvring. If you can get to grips with it, you’ll be in a much better position.

The dry racing line tends to get slippery once it gets wet, which means that using the parts of the circuit that aren’t used as much is the best way forward, as you will have more grip.

Braking in wet weather isn’t that different to braking in the dry, but the key is to be more aggressive. You need the tyre to bite without locking, and to release the braking pressure as the wheels start to lock.

Turning into high speed corners simply requires you to be gentle and smooth. It is very similar to how you would turn into the corner in dry weather.

Turning into low speed corners is a bit more problematic. You need to raise the inside rear tyre off the ground to stop the Go kart from carrying on in a straight line. To do this, brake later than normal, as if you were going deep and wide into the corner. Fully lock your wheels by turning in quickly.

The Go kart will try to resist, but the tyre will bite as your speed decreases, allowing the Go kart to turn in sharply. At this point, you should find yourself on the cleaner part of the corner where there is more grip, and better traction to accelerate. Sit back after the Go-kart has turned in and gently feed in the throttle to limit the wheel spin.

Turning into a mid speed corner needs even more skill. Take as wide a line as possible through the corner. You may need to be aggressive, or lean to the outside front wheel, but this depends on the corner in question.

The best way to work out the most effective form of wet weather Go karting is to get out there and practice in the rain. It’s unlikely that your fellow Go karters will bother to do this, so it will give you an edge over most of them.

stag karting

Need a stag party idea? Why not choose Go Karting London for your Stag Party.

Karting is a great way to kick off your stag event, by the time you’re finished
everyone will be pumped full of adrenaline ready to move on to your favourite
London bar/club.

More and more Ladies are also booking their Hen activity with us so don’t think
karting is a “men only” sport.

How many drivers do I need for a stag karting event? A minimum of 10 drivers no maximum.

Can I order food? Yes, hot and cold buffets are available, licensed catering is
also available but strictly after your event.

As stag events organisers are normally after a certain day it is important you
book your event well in advance to avoid disappointment.

corporate go karting

More companies are offering corporate Go-karting packages. Most of these will offer you the chance to build your own package to suit your workplace needs. You can even compete against each other in your own Go-karting championship, purely for bragging rights, of course! Different departments can form teams and race against each other, or you can pit the management against the employees.

Large numbers of Go-karters can be catered for at most circuits. You will usually need to have at least 10 people in your group, but some circuits can cater for up to 100 people. For groups of less than 10 people, Arrive ‘n’ Drive or Open Events are recommended instead. These aren’t quite the same as corporate karting events though. There are circuits across the country, so finding one near to your workplace should be easy.

As well as the Go karting facilities, many circuits also offer conference rooms so that you can conduct any crucial meetings before or after the Go-karting, as well as catering and hospitality facilities for all-important eating and drinking. There are also bar facilities at a lot of circuits so that your team can relax after the Go-karting and enjoy some good old-fashioned team bonding over a few drinks before heading home.

Most of the time, corporate track facilities are exclusive, which means no one else will be able to use the track at the same time as your team (this won’t always be the case though, so it’s best to ask when you book). Your chosen venue will often be able to create the perfect corporate Go-karting event for your team – all you have to do is ask.

Other Activities
You can also combine corporate Go-karting with other recreational activities, such as Quad biking, paintballing and field archery. There will often also be catering facilities, which may include buffet menus, a hot food menu and barbeque options, but a lot of this will depend on the size and location of the circuit in question (for example, these options may only be available at the larger circuits or in and around London). Vegetarian options may also be available on request, but you will probably have to let the catering staff know this in advance, as they may have to prepare vegetarian food specifically for your party.

If you like the idea of getting your colleagues together for an afternoon of corporate Go-karting, why not round up your team and give one of your local circuits a call? It’s a different and fun way to improve team spirit throughout the company (from the cleaners right through to higher management).

professional karting

If you’re looking to use gokarting as being a stepping stone towards the higher ranks of racing eg Formula 3 or perhaps Formula One, gaining support is a must. With out them, it is very not likely that you will be in a position to afford the expenses of buying the competitive and adequate gokart, you will also require to pay to compete in races and also ultimately come up the corporate sponsor unless you have got lots of financial resources from your own income.

Unfortunately, acquiring sponsorship these days isn’t that easy, and several talented kart owners struggle to compete without financial resources. How can you prevent this from happening to you?

Perseverance is key in connection to attracting funds. Getting support is not a straight forward process. For most drivers, it will take several years to find the right amount of financial backing, although some never accomplish this.

The average quantity of correspondence which is sent out prior to replies coming back is around 1 in  50  If you send enough words or email messages, you’ll probably have a reply from some people.

Vendors are not going to be thinking about backing a person if you can’t offer you them a thing in return. Everything you can offer them is key to gaining funds. The more important go karting championships are beginning to get more tv  coverage (and also media protection in general), meaning if you are among the most successful opponents, you can assure press will be drawn to the events

The more exposure the championship holds the greater the chances a sponsor will be willing to back you.

It makes sense to a target the big businesses, as they are the companies with the most funds to give up. However, you may be surprised to find out that the majority of gokarters obtain sponsorship from other family and friends, as opposed to major companies.

Naturally, if you want to transfer to car race, you will unquestionably need to get far more financial backing coming from other resources, but many go karters see that being backed  by friends and family is enough to become successful.

Choosing the right time to attract support is important if you plan to focus on the big organizations. Most of them will certainly plan his or her budgets ahead of time – some even as much as 16 months ahead of time. If that is just too long to wait, some companies have to commit their budgets annually on extra supplies so that they don’t get subject to taxes on the extra revenue, so it’s always worth asking. It’s normally hit and miss which firms do this, because it’s something that they will never make aware to the general public, yet it’s worth contacting as many firms as possible in the event they do this.

That isn’t necessarily  the most talented individuals that receive sponsorship — drive as well as determination to have success is one of the most significant qualities you could display. It will not only help you to secure sponsorship, it will also assist you in your gokarting future in general.