Electric Karts

Motor: Does not go out of tune like a petrol engine
Motor: Does not take time to rev up like a petrol engine, just instantaneous power
Competitive: Karts remain closely competitive due to efficiency of electric motor
Power: 8.5kw…More top speed than a 9hp Honda Kart
Acceleration: Faster than a twin engine Honda Kart
Speed: Although heavier due to four batteries, electric motor out performs a petrol engine
Operational Costs: Considerable reduction on running costs
Zero Emissions: No fumes or noise – great atmosphere
Chassis construction: Bespoke frame design for electrical components
Improved safety: Full Operator speed control and safety options
Low Noise Levels: Eases the bureaucratic burden for compliance
Locations: Easily integrated with other leisure activities
Performance & Reliability: No compromises on these issues- 1st class
Designed for Electrical Power: Increased Kart operational life
Microprocessor Technology: Fully programmable management system
Quality Components: Greater longevity of Kart frame and components
Rain on Track: No problem in wet or adverse conditions
Braking: Quick self adjusting hydraulic disc brake activated on rear axle
Steering: Precise steering operates slick tyres for maximum grip
Throttle: Throttle pedal controlled by electronic switch
Handling: Driver sits central in the Kart; great balance, cornering and stopping
Safety: Kart protected by wrap around bumper system to minimise accidents

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