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Mile End Circuit

The first corner after the start/finish line, you approach Mile End after a long straight, the approach is downhill, but starts to rise just before you turn in. As you rush into the corner for the first time be very careful, as you will be bunched up, the turn is late so you can apex the corner two thirds round. If you turn too early be warned it will catch you out, the outcome being you will run out of road, which will result in a trip to the tyre wall. If you have to defend your corner and have to go in on a tight line, remember to do so, much slower than usual. If you don’t have to defend your lead, the ultimate line is essential, for a good exit speed. mile end track

A long flowing banked corner, easy in the wet as the water runs away, if someone messes up Senna’s you will have a great chance of overtaking, but be aware as Rickies is followed by a downhill right hander, which can catch you out.

Again the ultimate line is essential for exit speed.

Overtaking is difficult, don’t try any silly manoeuvres here!mile end karting track

Senna’s is a very technical part of our track, which is approached on the right hand-side, don’t be lulled in by going too quick on the entry. As the exit speed to this complex is critical.

Follow the blue and white markings, otherwise you will find yourself running wide halfway through, be patient until you exit the last part of Senna’s. The kart needs to be in line so you can put your power down nice and early if you can no one will catch you!

This snake like corner is quick but quite easy. Overtaking is very difficult and be aware as the exit is a tight right hander which leads you onto the start/finish line, again it is critical your on the right line as the tyre walls seem to jump out at you as you exit. Good chance of over taking as you exit if the kart in front is slow.

An easy wide left-hander, with possible overtaking opportunities, but again the ultimate line is line is the quickest way through, a fairly quick corner which easily can catch you out in the wet. Go sideways and they will come past you on the exit.

Our address

Arches 422-424, Mile End Park, Burdett Road, London. E3 4AA
51.517872215125855, -0.030911850262441476
020 7538 5195

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Screaming Monkey
2017-04-06 14:09:09
Check out the google reviews instead Revolution Reviews
Stuart Hilton
2016-08-03 15:19:07
We had a great corporate day out at this track. Everyone came off the track buzzing! Would reccommend

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