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We have successfully negotiated the rights to the most popular Karting tips ebook on the market. As a thankyou to all our loyal customers instead of charging the recommended RRP of ¬£22.95 for a limited time we are giving the ebook away for free! Here’s a summary…

If you are looking for gokarting tips then this is the only ebook that can turn you into an overnight champion. Within the ebook you will find the best go karting and racing information to give you the upper edge when it comes to racing/ karting strategy, racing/ karting techniques, racing/ karting sponsorship. The information is aimed at the complete beginner to pro’s wanting to push their career to the next step. Although alot of readers are casual gokarters who want to beat their mates at their stag do or go karting event!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the site and don’t forget to send me a ticket when you’re sitting in pole position at the next monnaco grand prix :)

Just follow the instructions below to download our free gift.


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