Terms and Conditions

1.) All Drivers must be a minimum of 18 years old.
2.) Alcohol must not be consumed before or during the event.
3.) When requesting a booking an option period will be given, the booking will
only be confirmed:
a.) For companies on the receipt of the booking form.
b.) For private groups on the receipt of the booking form with a 50% deposit.
4.) The deposit once recieved confirms the booking and is non-refundable.
5.) In the event of cancellation within one month of the confirmed date the full
money for the booking is payable.
6.) When a booking is made for exclusive use of the circuit, the full cost
quoted is payable,;even if the number of drivers fall.
7.) This booking form constitutes a binding document between both parties, the
organiser will be liable for the full amount due.
8.) The Balance is payable at least one week before the event.
9.) The management reserves the right to refuse entry or to bar any drivers from the track area at it’s sole discretion.
10.) We inforce a weight limit of 16 stone and a minimum height limit of 5ft

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